Driving safely with big rigs.

At Specialty Paint & Body, our business is making friends by accident, but  we certainly don’t want to lose friends by accident. From time to time we have customers who have had the unfortunate experience of tangling with a big rig, and we are always thankful they are still alive to have their vehicle repaired. Large trucks can be very dangerous to 4 wheeled vehicles, but there are several ways a driver can decrease the risk of being a victim of this type of accident.

  • Stay Aware: Be alert at all times when in close proximity to large trucks. Keep in mind we all must share the road.
  • Respect the “NO ZONES”: “NO ZONES” are blind spots at the rear, front, and sides of the truck. Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTv03YGzH-Q to see a youtube video by Utah transportation department, which explains this in further detail. A good thing to remember is that if you can’t see the mirrors on the truck, the truck probably can’t see you.
  • Pass Safely: Always pass on the left, resist passing on the right. The blind spot on the left is smaller than on the right.
  • Respect Their Space: Give them plenty of space in all directions. Keep a four second distance between you and the truck in front of you. If you are passing, keep a steady speed and go around. Don’t hang out beside them!
  • Leave plenty of room before cutting back into a lane in front of a truck. Wait until you are able to see the truck in your rear view mirror. NEVER cut back in and put on brakes….it takes much longer to stop a large truck than a smaller vehicle.
  • Watch for wide turns. Because of their size, it is necessary to make wide turns. Don’t attempt to pass on the right when a truck is signaling to turn right. The semi probably needs more than one lane to make the turn, and you don’t want to be in his blind spot.

Staying safe out there, now that’s a big 10-4!