Lately most small talk in our area of the south has been focused on the flu epidemic and the plunging temperatures.  Just as we are advised to follow certain procedures to avoid getting the flu it is beneficial to follow a few guidelines to avoid a “sick ” vehicle.  Cold weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions, and Specialty Paint & Body Repair wants to pass along a few tips to keep your vehicle healthy and safe this winter.

1. Keep a Winter Emergency Kit in your trunk which includes: bottled water, granola bars, flash light, blanket, winter hat, gloves,  ice scraper, chemical hand warmers, bag of kitty litter and a folding shovel (to use if you get stuck in the snow/ ice), cell phone and charger.  Always have the tools necessary to change a tire.

2. Keep your wiper blades working properly. Replacing them every 6-12 months will insure they are in good working order. Getting caught in cold rain or snow with faulty blades could be very dangerous!

3. Leaving a window cracked at night will help to prevent frost on your windows in the morning.

4. Replace your antifreeze every two years. In cold temperatures this critical element is vital to keeping your vehicle healthy! Invest in an inexpensive tester at an auto parts store.  Just because it’s still green doesn’t mean it is still effective.

5.When temperatures reach freezing or below be diligent in watching for any moisture or ice on the road. Give yourself plenty of room from the car in front of you.

6. A great think to keep in your glove box is a chalkboard eraser. It clears up steamy windows with no streaks.

7. A lighter can heat the tip of your key to combat a frozen lock.


Just as we use eating healthy and disinfectants to keep our bodies healthy and flu-free during winter months, we can keep our vehicles healthy ( and therefore ourselves) by following the these seven simple tips.