We often, more so than none get the question, “Will new parts be put on my car or will it be aftermarket parts?” This will all depend on whether you are coming out of pocket for the repairs or going through insurance. Most insurance companies as you will find out call for the use of aftermarket parts when having a vehicle repaired simply because they are less expensive. Depending on the situation, you may be able to convince your insurer to pay for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts instead of aftermarket parts OR they will allow for you to pay the difference.

The Difference Between the Two:

OEM Parts

> Parts come directly from the dealership company and made by the vehicle’s manufacturer

> OEM parts are built to the exact specs of your vehicle to ensure proper fit

> OEM parts have a warranty (typically 1 year)

> When a factory updates certain parts, dealerships are notified of such and can get you exactly what you need


AfterMarket Parts

> Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive than OEM parts

> Certain companies specialize in specific parts and other companies such as NAPA, can make any part you can think of. More variety means a wider range of prices and a greater selection.

> Warranty varies with vendors. Some vendors offer lifetime warranty and some vendors offer no warranty.

> These companies do not have to meet government regulations and are able to re-engineer a part to work out the weaknesses