It seems that we have been getting lots and lots of rain and appears that we will be getting more. Why? Because SPRING is here!

Rain is to be blamed for hundreds of accidents during this time of year. Most of these accidents can be prevented by following these simple steps and tips:

Allow more time for travel. You never know what to expect with wet road conditions. There could be traffic or accidents or just folks driving at a slower pace. So that you arrive at your destination safely, be sure to leave 5-10 minutes early to try and avoid being late for wherever you may be going.

>  Do not forget to turn on your headlights! This is a very important tip to keep in mind no matter how light or hard the rainfall might be. By doing this, it not only helps you able to see more clearly, it also allows other motorists to see you as well.

> Brake slowly. Be sure to NEVER slam on the brakes. This alone can prevent accidents. When you brake slowly, it tells the motorist behind you that you are coming to a stop. If you come across a large puddle of water be sure to lightly tap on the brake pedal to dry off some of the water on your rotors. Also, be sure NOT to use your cruise control when driving in the rain. It has been known that by having the cruise control on, your car can accelerate if you were to hydroplane.

> Foggy Windows? Rain can be the cause of foggy windows especially in warmer weather.
Turn the A/C on and select both the front and rear defrosters and it should clear that foggy window problem right up!

Be sure to stay on top of the maintenance of your vehicle whether it is your brakes, tires, wiper blades, etc. This alone is very important for any type of road condition.