Tips For The Perfect Road Trip

The school year is ending, and it’s a parent’s second favorite time of the year (the most favorite time of course, is when school begins) .

Approximately 79% of Americans will take a vacation or a mini getaway by car this summer. With a little planning and attention you can lessen the stress of “getting away”. Below you will find tips for hitting the road this summer.


*Ready Your Vehicle

Perform regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-ups, checking the battery and tires.

*Secure Your Most Precious Cargo

Make sure you have the proper kind of car and booster seats for your children, and that they are  properly  installed .           

Have all children 13 years and under ride in the backseat.

Never drive unless all passengers are buckled up.

*Prepare A Roadside Kit:

In case of a break down, be prepared. It should contain:

-Cell Phone

-First Aid Kit




-Jack for changing tires

-Jumper cables

-Paper towels and water for clean up

-Drinking water and nonperishable food

-Duct tape and basic repair tools


*Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

Evenly distribute the weight of cargo for safety.

*Maintain Visibility

Keep a proper line of sight with all mirrors and windows.

*Have Items Ready For Children

Include snacks, entertaining items, and a change of clothes. Unhappy kids can make a journey very long!

*Secure Pets

Appropriately secure your pet for their safety and yours. Unsecured they can become

a distraction .

*Plan Your Route Before Leaving

Become familiar with your route. This will keep surprise turns etc. to a minimum.

By following these tips, you are setting yourself up for a successful and less stressful journey to your well deserved vacation.

Have Fun!!